6 in 1 card reader

TC-R425X p1 - 副本
TC-R425X p2 - 副本
TC-R425X- 副本




6 in 1: USB A plug, Micro USB Plug, USB TYPE-C plug, Micro SD slot, SD slot, and USB slot
Support Micro SD /SD
USB slot supports U disk, mouse, keyboard, gaming mouse....
Supports reading data on the following devices: computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets…
"VAKOSS® Micro card reader. easy to carry. Fast read and write. plug and play .

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  • Micro SD card, SD card, and U disk: read the maximum capacity of 256 GB
  • USB version 2.0(480Mbps max )
  • Support Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android
  • U disk / Micro SD / SD / mouse / keyboard / gamepad ... etc. Only one of them can be used at a time. Two or more cannot be used at the same time
  • If the phone or tablet cannot use the card reader normally, it may be that the external memory card or U disk function is not turned on. Please enable the function of external memory card or U disk in "OTG" of "Settings" (the setting method of various brands may be different)
  • The card reader can read up to 256GB. If the laptop, mobile phone, or tablet does not support 256GB memory card or USB flash drive, please change to a smaller memory card or USB flash drive