USB3.0 HUB 3 Ports and network card RJ45

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3 ports USB 3.0
USB 3.0 is used for data transfer at speeds up to 5Gbps. You can easily connect a high-speed USB flash drive or disk.
High-speed network card RJ45 port (100Mbps max,)
Light and strong aluminum shell
USB3.0 transmission speed of 5Gbps is more than 10 times of USB2.0 480Mbps
Vakoss®® USB 3.0 hub. It is suitable for devices such as mouse, keybaord, scanner, printer, webcam, PDA, or other devices with USB connectors

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  • USB Type A plug
  • 3 ports USB 3.0
  • USB version 3.0
  • USB 3.0 speed: 5Gbps maximum
  • High-speed network card (100Mbps max, RJ45 interface)
  • Support Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • The specification of the product connected to the HUB USB 3.0 must also be USB 3.0 or higher , thene it can achieve the high-speed performance of USB 3.0. If it is USB2.0 or lower, the high-speed performance of USB 3.0 will not be achieved.
  • Note: A small number of computers may not have the driver for the network card. Please download the corresponding driver according to your operating system. After installation, it can be used normally. You can also download the driver from the company's following website
  • Network card driver download address:


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